Organizational Confidence: The Key to Building a High-Commitment Work Environment

What’s the best way to build a high commitment organization? We recently explored the relationship between an employee’s level of confidence in their organization, their engagement and their commitment. After gathering data from a cross-company sample of over 1,700 employees working in small, medium and large organizations, we conducted a series of analyses. Our key findings were:

  1. Organizational confidence is related to employee commitment. 
  2. Organizational confidence soars in the right work environment.
  3. The most committed employees are both confident and engaged.

We also found a strong positive correlation between engagement and confidence, suggesting that these two attitudes build on each other in a virtuous cycle, creating a strong sense of energy, effort and loyalty. Based on statistical analysis, we found that employees were more likely to feel both confident and engaged when they thought their organizations were efficient, their senior leaders were effective and their future career paths were promising.

You can increase employee confidence by ensuring your leaders, managers and HR professionals are articulating a compelling vision of the future, fostering the right culture, driving performance and creating compelling career paths.  That, in turn, will help your organization increase commitment, decrease turnover and improve collective performance.           

Patrick Hyland, PhD
by Patrick Hyland, PhD

Director of Research and Development at Mercer | Sirota

Lewis Garrad
by Lewis Garrad

Practice Lead, Employee Experience Solutions, International Region

Practice Lead & Partner, Employee Experience Solutions, International at Mercer

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