The Power of Career Frameworks

The Power of Career Frameworks: Architect Compelling Careers and Empower Talent

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The Power of Career Frameworks: Architect Compelling Careers and Empower Talent
Calendar28 六月 2018

Will your team's jobs still exist in five years? What are you doing to help them prepare for their next role?

According to a newly-released Mercer study, Talent Trends 20181, more than half of executives believe that at least 20% of the roles in their organizations will cease to exist by 2022. What are you doing to ensure your organization has the talent needed to meet evolving business needs? Here’s a hint. Creating a career framework strategy and platform enables core and contingent workers to plug into an organizational structure that matches their evolving skillsets with business needs in real-time.

This aligns with findings from the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report, where 39% of respondents said they support mobility and job rotation2 and with findings from Mercer’s Thriving in the Age of Disruption report, where 71% of respondents said internal mobility is encouraged3. Bridging this gap between intention and action can be done through the development of a thriving environment and clarification of an organization’s career framework strategy.

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