Employee engagement as a means for business success

Early results from an ongoing Mercer Employee Engagement Study conducted in multiple African countries indicate that some of our core assumptions are no longer correct. Chief among these is the low rating of “Career and Development” by employees: only 56% of the workforce surveyed is satisfied with the career and development opportunities at their organizations.

A well-designed EVP can make the right individuals want to join an organization, stay there and deliver their best performance. Mercer’s research finds that an emotional connection compliments the contractual deal between employee and employer. In essence, the greater the emotional connection, the less dependence there is on contractual components such as salary. This might be thought of as the “X factor” of authentic employee engagement. Authentic engagement is no one program or point in time. It’s part of the leadership DNA, more about how things are done than when they are done.

Deon de Swardt
by Deon de Swardt

Career Consultant

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